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Advice on inherited diamond / gem jewerely please. Videos included


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Hello, i inherited some diamond rings / necklaces as shown in video and am looking for the best way to sell them. Can anybody offer advice, im considering getting some pieces GIA certified, maybe that would help. I attached a video if you could look and offer advice.
I ive in NYC and am going to go to a jeweler and see what they have to say. Any reccomendations?

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An interesting mix in there - most things I would say from the late 1940s to the mid-1960s, plus a couple of older or "ethnic" pieces (maybe from a trip to India?). The large stones (citrines, amethysts and tourmaline) aren't worth much by themselves,  but there are buyers for Retro jewellery - and the value is going to depend much more on the overall design than on the stone. The smaller, clear stones may or may not be diamonds, and even if they are, they could be worth a fair amount or not much, depending on the details.

Before you spend any money on GIA (which incidentally would require you to remove any gemstones from the settings), I would suggest that you determine more precisely what you have and figure out whether getting a lab report on anything at all is going to be worth it. I would recommend you DON'T use a jeweller for orientation unless you have a genuinely trusted friend who is one. Go to see an independent appraiser who does not trade in jewellery - no horse in the race. @denverappraiser is a very competent appraiser who posts here - but he isn't exactly located around the corner from you; maybe he can recommend someone in NY.

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@davidelevi Thank you for the detailed post. If i can get a competent apprasier in NY that would be great. I was consdering going to fishman and sons diamonds, http://www.afishman.com/ . do you have any opinion on them?
Also, do you think the above jewerely would be worth paying an independed appraiser for there opinion? What is a reasonable price to be paying? Thank you

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You are most welcome.

I don't know Fishman & Son, not even from reputation; poking around their website reveals statements that I would call questionable, but you may take this as a matter of opinion. I would however point out that they seem to predominantly retail diamonds in new settings, while the majority of your pieces have no diamonds and are definitely not new...

In your collection there are two large colourless stones that could be round diamonds (set in rings), "something" pear shaped in a ring that I cannot work out from the video whether it's a cluster of smaller stones or a single large(r) pear-shaped stone, and then you have that set of older cut stones (necklace and earrings) in fairly crude settings that could also be diamonds. The rest either have very small diamonds or stones that clearly are not diamonds.

This is not likely to be right route to either get them assessed or sold on independent of Fishman's honesty, impartiality and expertise (and all three are important for your case!). There are definitely competent independent appraisers that would be able to help you in NY/NJ; you can start looking at https://www.najaappraisers.com/html/find_an_appraiser.php but if Neil chips in with a personal recommendation it is probably worth following it!

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NYC is full of competent appraisers. As Davide mentioned, this is not the same skill set as a jeweler and there's an inherent conflict of interest in your situation. It's hard to tell from photos but I would be surprised if a deal with GIA would benefit your sales on any of the items there and the fees would be considerable. I definitely wouldn't start there. 

The NAJA link above is a good place to start. If you don't find someone you like, www.ags.org and www.appraisers.org are also membership organizations for appraisers that require a certain level of competence. 

I've never heard of Fishmans either, which means exactly nothing. I"m 2000 miles away and there are a LOT of jewelers between here and there.  

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