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Asscher diamond - ASET and video


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Assuming that there is a GIA report agreeing with colour and clarity... no significant red flags. The cut (assuming the ASET image is correct/to AGS standards) is good but not super.

As usual, the real question is whether you (and even more your girlfriend) like this - I would personally go down a notch or two on clarity and colour, in exchange for a super cut and maybe a slightly larger stone... but that's my personal preference. Also to bear in mind is the extent to which Canadian origin is essential for you: if it is, it may be a fairly significant constraint. If it isn't, it may free up quite a bit of budget!

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Thanks David!!! I was reading online and it was recommended to stay in colourless range for step cuts.  How low on the colour would you go down?

I am trying to reconcile against the ASET reference charts for an asscher, would you say it is 2nd raw (good) rather 3rd, Excellent?


Clarity - I don't have too much for a preference as long as perfectly eye clean.

Canadian requirement is not essential.  My dealer just happen to say it is a bonus and not too much more $$$ than what were looking at

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Me? I'm quite happy that a well cut H looks white to me. I'd be more than willing to go with a VS2 or even an SI1, as far as clarity goes. With the SI1, I'd like to see it first or at least buy it from a seller I trust, and have the ability to return it if I don't like it.

Those images are taken using different techniques from the computer-reconstructed one in your post (and from each other), and they aren't really comparable (plus they seem to be categorised in pretty random order: look at the third from the left in the first row, and the first left in the second... they appear pretty similar to me). In very rough terms, I'd say that it's between the first and the second; it is nicely symmetrical, though.

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