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GIA Consistency?


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Is GIA consistent across all their labs? I'm told that GIA in India has a somewhat looser standard than its USA conterpart. Of course, as consumers we have no way of knowing where the stone was actually graded, correct? Thoughts? Insight? The reason I'm asking is there does seem to be a lot of varaition, especially in the SI1 - VS range.

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GIA has expanded drastically in the last few years. They've gone from 2 labs, both in the US, to 11 distributed about the world.  They've gone from a specialty college catering jewelers with a sideline business grading diamonds to a billion-dollar behemoth that is one of the most recognized brand names in diamonds. The school isn't even 5% of their revenue these days. That brings with it some big-time logistical challenges and consistency has suffered. They're working on it. You're right that there is no way to tell which lab was used on a particular stone and although people tend to blame outliers on India, I don't think there's all that much evidence to support that. I see it as grasping at straws because the industry is VERY frustrated over this and they want to blame it on someone. India (and Botswana) are easy targets. 

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