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Panicking first time buyer! Any help much appreciated!


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Hi all,

I need to buy an engagement ring for my girlfriend this week. I’ve spent weeks reading up online regarding the perfect proportions so hopefully have narrowed it down to two good stones. But to be honest I really don’t know what I’m looking for and am so nervous about spending this much money online without seeing the diamond!

Do you think one of you could help me with the final choice? I’d be so grateful! Both diamonds are a similar price although option 1 is a tiny bit more expensive.

here is the critical information: 

GIA Excellent
1.3 carat, F, VS2
dimensions - 7.09 - 7.11 x 4.31 mm
depth - 60.7%
table - 56%
crown angle - 34.5 degrees
pavilion angle - 40.8 degrees
girdle - thin to medium, faceted 2.5%
polish and symmetry - excellent
HCA score - 1.1 (appears 'bigger'. HCA says "Should sparkle beautifully and looks bigger than usual for it's carat weight. Low HCA scores and bigger sized diamonds can appear dark when viewed close up; but these stones can be great for earrings and pendants." Should I be worried about this? I don't want it to appear dark)

Sorry the image isn’t very hi res, it’s a screen grab or a 360 video so unfortunately it’s not face on, but hopefully gives some idea of colour and sparkle. It looks good on the video but I can’t send link as diamond isn’t on hold yet. 

Will post option 2 separately. Thanks!



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And here is option 2 which is VS1 instead of VS2

GIA Excellent
1.4 carat, G, VS1
dimensions - 7.11 - 7.16 x 4.41 mm
depth - 61.8%
table - 57%
crown angle - 34.5 degrees
pavilion angle - 40.6 degrees
Crown height - 15%
Pavilion depth - 42.5%
girdle - slightly thick, faceted 4%
polish and symmetry - excellent
HCA score - 0.9

this image is actually face on, so not very easy to compare with first one. 

Do you think I will be relatively safe buying either of these diamonds? And if you were choosing which would you pick?

Thank you so much for your help!! 



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It would be very difficult if not impossible to find a dark diamond (due to the cut) among GIA excellents. So you're good. Other than that if you can spend half the time looking at diamonds rather than reading on internet you will be able to decide for your self if you are prepared or not to pay a premium for the Tolkowsky proportions. 

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Thanks so much Furqan, really appreciate your advice. As I'm buying it online, I won't be able to examine it properly until I've bought it but there's a 30 day return policy so hopefully not too much of a risk. Out of interest, which of the two options would you prefer?


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Not Furquan, but...

You'll be fine with either one. The 1.30 is technically (and on paper) better cut, but the 1.40 is (again, on paper) very nice.

Based just on what you have published (which for me would not be enough - I'd like to see a comparative video with both diamonds there at the same time), I'd go for the 1.40: slightly larger and slightly cheaper, and it seems well cut as far as it can be judged from a single still photo and the report info.

One question: what about fluorescence? It is not a deal breaker (at least for me), but some people are worried by it, and it definitely has an effect on prices.

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Thanks so much Davidelevi! Neither stone has any fluorescence, and to be honest price is almost the same so am keen to just get the best one really. If I DM you the video links can you compare? I didn’t want to post them as unfortunately I haven’t been able to reserve either diamond. Would really love a second opinion though!

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I agree with davidelevi as he advised, the 1.40ct weight stone is nicely cut, a bit cheaper and bigger than the 1.30ct

After all, you are getting nearly 7.5% bigger in size than the 1.30ct diamond. If your final motive is to gift a diamond ring to your girlfriend, then go for the bigger size.

Wish you best luck!

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