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Big or Best

Amy Ng

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Hi everyone.
I understand that it's personal preference when it comes to size or sparkle. But I am struggling to make the decision.
Should I get the "amazing" and "rare" diamond ? or
Should I get a bigger Diamond and it's still as sparkle in naked eyes ?
I am getting one of these diamonds for myself. I am Asian and I like 8.8.
Which diamond would be better for re-sell ?

Please refer to attachments

Thank you

G - VVS2 - 2.23 - True Hearts - 8.43 x 8.4
HCA: 1.1 . Look Big for its carat weight


2.23 Carat G-VVS2 True Hearts<sup>TM</sup> Ideal Diamond

8824984 - This True Hearts<sup>TM</sup> diamond, 2.23 Carat G Color VVS2 Clarity has ideal proportions and a diamond grading report from GIA
www.jamesallen.com www.jamesallen.com

G - VS2 - 2.70 - Excellent - 8.8 x 8.87
HCA: 1.6. Look Small for its carat weight


2.70 Carat G-VS2 Excellent Cut Round Diamond

9092931 - This 2.70 Carat Round diamond G Color VS2 Clarity has Excellent proportions and a diamond grading report fromwww.jamesallen.com



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A couple of observations - that may or may not be useful:

1. JA has adopted the bad habit of not linking or uploading grading reports. This means that we have zero information on proportions beyond what you posted

2. The HCA is irrelevant. Largely because it is irrelevant anyway, but even according to its creator, it is a rejection, not a selection tool, and both these pass muster (score below 2.0, or even 3.0 for H&A stones)

3. "Generally speaking" I would not consider the "True Hearts" standard to be "the best available" in cut. To what extent you want to have the perfect cut and to what extent this is actually visible without tools are different questions, but the trade off is not quite as clean cut as you may think with these two particular stones

4. VS2 vs. VVS2 will make a difference in price, and below/above 2.50 will also make a significant difference... you are not comparing like for like - and we can't see the price of the 2.23 because it's reserved.

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As Davide points out, we have no clue what they mean by ‘ideal’. What you’ve got is two XXXs. That’s ALL you know about the cutting. ‘Sparkle’ comes from cutting, not from clarity. That makes your first question impossible to answer. There’s not enough information given.

Reselling. That’s largely a fashion question. What will be popular in the future?  How good are YOU at selling things? These are not gemological properties. JA doesn’t buy back, and no one else will apply a premium for their branding. VS’s on the secondary market CURRENTLY seems to get more interest because they’re cheaper, but your guess is as good as mine how things will work in the future and cheaper probably isn't the attribute you're looking for when you ask about resale. If reselling is your plan, avoid diamonds entirely. Nearly everyone takes a haircut on this path. Don't buy either one. Diamonds are not a sound financial instrument unless you are a dealer (and maybe even if you are). Like most purchases, buy diamonds because they're cool and you love them, not because you expect to see your money again. 

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8 hours ago, Amy Ng said:

Do you mean I should get the bigger diamond G - VS2 ?

Between those two, I would pick that one. It doesn't mean everybody should.

I would be tempted by something smaller but truly exceptionally well cut (for the same $31-33k), or by something completely different (e.g. a vivid yellow or a high-colour Asscher cut); the saving of $2k and a "slightly better" cut on a smaller round don't swing the balance for me.

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