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Found diamond in a truck stop


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So I'm a Nomad traveler that hitch hikes across the USA, last week I was in southern California area at a truck stop and I found a diamond (stone) iv had it weighed at 5.1 carrots I don't know very much about stones but that isn't a small rock! I would like to try to find the true owner of this stone if possible, but I don't know how exactly to do that or if it's possible lol like I said I don't know much about it, is there a way to find the owner using the GIA inscription or should I even bother I would feel bad if it was me 


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IF there is a lab report number - not all diamonds will have one - the lab will be able to find the person who paid for the report, i.e. the cutter, the wholesaler or the retailer, not the person who lost the stone. Whether people will then be able/interested in tracing the next link down the chain (with however many links there are before getting to the owner who lost it) is possible, but an open question.

On the other hand, the person who lost the stone - if it is a 5 carat diamond - may well have filed a lost property report with the local police (and with the insurance company, possibly - but which one is it?). I would think this is more likely to work than trying to use the stone itself via lab reports and what not.

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GIA won't release that information without a warrant and it probably won't help much anyway. A typical diamond changes hands several times before it gets to the final customer and none of these transactions are reported to GIA.  

Start by making sure it's a diamond. Most pawnshops will do this for free as well as tell you if there's an inscription on the girdle.  If it's a diamond, file a report with the local police where it was found and they'll tell you how to proceed. If it's not a diamond, I wouldn't worry about it too much.  

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