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ASET Images - Which image looks like the better stone?


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Trying to make a final buying decision on a 3.01 G Asscher stone.  I've seen both stones in person and under diffused and spotlighting.  I have both ASET images.  Looking for advice on the science of which of the two attached ASET images would give the best light return and have the least amount of leakage?  I think I have a good sense of the answer, but looking for professional advice!  Thanks


ASET 1.jpg

ASET 2.jpg

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Assuming they are representative of what the stones look like (i.e. they have been taken competently and in a very similar way), the first one looks much better (alternating "cornices" of contrast and direct brightness) for my taste. The second one is not bad, but it's likely to be less bright and contrasted and possibly with a bit of windowing (see-through - which will look dark once the stone is set and on a finger).

All of this said, if you have seen them and you like one better than the other, go with that rather than any ASET!

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I would not be concerned about the blue; the stone does not seem to be overly dark at any point, and contrast is required to make the stone look nice and sparkly. On the other hand, it also has a fairly flat crown, which is not to my personal taste...

Once again - you have seen this. If you like it, then it's right.

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