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Need Advice, please


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Hi everyone. A couple of days ago my husband placed an order with Yadav for a 2.11 carat F VS2 diamond and setting. It’s a triple excellent with 8.13 - 8.20 x 5.12 measurements. The table is 58%, crown angle is 34. and pavilion angle is 41.6. The GIA report number is 

1353473779. I’m feeling some anxiety about the diamond, because I keep reading that unless a diamond has very specific numbers it will appear dull and lifeless. I don’t have the experience to know if I chose the best diamond. Would you guys mind giving me your opinion of this diamond? Yadav has a 30 day return policy. 

My criteria was to get the whitest and the best quality I could get for under $20,000 that has a lot of life and sparkle. They said the diamond is eye clean, but it turns out it’s not in their possession yet. 

Thanks so much! 

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I've never heard of them, but a casual look isn't good.  Their 'cut quality score' talks about the importance of the 'arrows'. That's a whole different discussion but they're dinging you for lack of them.  This information is NOT available from your GIA report, and the GIA is their only input. That and the fact that they're trying to steer you towards 'similar' diamonds tells me it's nonsense at best and a scam at worst.  

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