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I have the option to buy an AGI 1.55 Round Excellent, very good, very good sI2 color G for 5,250 or

GIA 1.51 Round si2 very good, very good, excellent color F for 7800. 

I really dislike yellow stones so my concern is the color of the AGI since I hear their color variations vary. I have not seen the stones in person yet. 

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Few people would describe a correctly graded G as yellow, so the real issue is the relative grading between two stones that you haven't seen and that lie on the opposing sides of the F/G boundary.  GIA color grading varies too.  There are 'high G's and 'low F's'.  You aren't going to be able to make this call based on the paper.  You either need to see them or you need to have someone's who's grading skills you trust look at them (or both). 

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