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Si2 diamond


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Hi Steph, welcome to Diamond Review!

It is quite normal for an SI2 diamond to have inclusions that are visible without magnification.

As to price, without knowing a lot more it's very difficult to give even a rough opinion.

To start with, "it cost 13,500" in what unit of currency? USD? CAD? EUR? GBP? SGD? Where was it purchased? (a known luxury retailer like Cartier or Tiffany will have prices that are significantly higher than a "common" high street jeweller, and that in turn will be more expensive than an internet-based dealer) Did the centre diamond come with a lab report? By which lab? What else did the lab say - precise weight and colour? Fluorescence? Finish (symmetry and polish)? A stone weighing 0.98 ct is going to be priced significantly less than one that is 1.02 ct, but both could be described as "a 1 carat stone" (they shouldn't, but that's another matter). Is the cut a proprietary cut, or was it just defined as "cushion"? What about the ring? Does it have a brand name? In which material is it?

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Hi David!

The currency was AUD. It was purchased an independent jewler (im store) so id say the high street jewler catergory!

I do believe the centre diamond is just over the carrot and a cushion cut! 

I will have to find the paper work that came along with the ring as i think those things are on it! Thankyou for your reply

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