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PLEASE HELP!! I diamond vs J colour diamond


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I have a question with regards to engagement ring. 


Will J colour diamond round cut ideal with medium flourecence look yellow to my partner in platinum setting? Will it be noticibly yellow esp if she is wearing every day and sees side on view etc?


I have budget to go up a grade colour to I (and could take an I with no flour








Which diamond would you recommend. Would I see a significant improvement in colour from J to I meaning my partner would not be able to notice yellow in diamond? Is J sufficient to notice no yellow? Don’t want her to feel her diamond is inferior if she compares with friends.  It will be viewed most in office setting or home lighting.


As I say I can go to I colour and increase my budget by £650 but don’t want to do this unless there is going to be real improvement. 


I also notice that jewellers in UK never really stock a J so can’t see it in person (and shops closed due to lockdown). 



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Hi there!

Important starting point: fluorescence of any type isn't going to manifest in normal interior lighting, so if you are counting on it to "whiten" the stone, it may happen (to a very limited extent with "medium blue"), but only in sunlight or in any case light containing enough UV radiation to activate the fluorescence.

The two stones you have picked have good overall proportions; the J will however look a little smaller side-by-side, and one of the inclusions in the I may just about be visible when observed closely, but no more than the smattering that (I think) don't bother you in the J... no reliable test other than the real test of seeing it.

The real question is whether you (or anyone else) will notice the colour, and on this I am firmly sitting on the fence. Partly because colour sensitivity is very variable across individuals, and partly because it depends a lot on context: lighting, angle of observation, setting style/shape/material, what else is nearby, what is behind the stone and what you (she) will be comparing it to - there will be comparisons, and against a D it will look warm; the typical engagement ring stone I see in the UK is more J-K, so it will be OK in most cases, I think

In "average" circumstances, J-K is generally where people start noticing colour; I can see it fairly easily in the face-up photo and definitely through the side - but it's magnified, loose, on a well-lit neutral background and I have reasonable training (and I'm looking for colour). The I is definitely less tinted and I like it better overall, but whether it's "worth" 20% more for you I don't know

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