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Opinions on ASET images of 1.25 Carat Cushion

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Hm. The images (especially the ASET) are quite tilted (ASET L-R and IS T-B), or the stone is a bit wonky (unlikely, given the GIA symmetry grade). The stone may be further out of the scope funnel than theoretically it should be.

Assuming they are sufficiently correct to be usable, it's a nicely symmetrical stone with a fair amount of brightness, but also quite a bit of leakage. Better than average, but a long way away from the "best" (in terms of brightness). It also tells you nothing about fire, which (to me, at least) is one of the main "beauty characteristics" of a cushion. It has a decent crown height and a very variable girdle profile - which could be a sign of some care taken in cutting; the price is also competitive.

The questions/issues as I see it are:

1. I find reflector images tell only part of the story, especially for fancy shapes (at least this one is nearly square). I - personally - find a well taken video, especially if comparative of 2-3 stones, much more telling. Can the vendor supply that?(not the junk they posted on B2C - that is so post-processed that it looks almost like a CAD rendering, if it isn't one)

2. Do you trust the vendor to be supplying honest reflector images? Technically, the few degrees of tilt they have introduced are excusable; if they (deliberately or not) pulled the stone out of the reflector because the image is then "better, with more red" it's a different kettle of fish.

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