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Hello everyone,

This is my second post and everyone has been very helpful!

I'm trying to choose between these 4 diamonds. What would have the best appearance overall to the eye? I don't want to see any inclusions to the naked eye, even up close and in bright light so bit worried about the VS2 option. If there was no way you would ever see the inclusion to the eye I wouldn't mind going for it.

Apart from no visible inclusion, I really want it to have great fire, brightness, sparkle etc and to look good in all lights.

I'm leaning towards the first one (JA) as it is GIA and VVS2, but not sure how the cut compares to the others? (Report at the bottom)

I would be really appreciative of any help you can all give. Thanks!



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Have you looked at any diamonds 'in person'?  Hardly anyone can see the inclusions in a VS2 1-carat or an SI1 for that matter. Most can't even do it with magnification, but it's not part of the definitions of the grades. 

Neil Beaty



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