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Are my diamonds real??

Sara Fox

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I recently purchased purchased a ring from a local pawn shop. I'm trying to figure out if my diamonds are real.  Only thing on my receipt says .40 with 5 squares on each side. And eleven squares on the band. It says 14K ZEI on the ring. It reflects rainbow colors. But looks grey in normal light. I also did a fog test an it disappeared immediately. I'm no expert. Someone please help!


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Unfortunately, there is no way anyone can tell you whether the stones are diamonds or not from a photo.

"Tests" like the "fog test", the "cuts glass" test and a myriad of others are largely unreliable or not decisive (plenty of materials cut glass).

How did the pawn shop describe them at sale/on their ticket? Would they be happy to re-issue or amend the invoice saying specifically that the stones are diamonds? If not, that tells you a lot...

If you have access to a competent jeweler (which is not a given, nowadays), they would be able to tell you quickly if you can bring them the ring for inspection (which is another not-a-given-nowadays), and most would do so for free.

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