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What are your opinions on this diamond?


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I am shopping for an engagment ring and i would really appreciate your help. There is a lot of information out there and i must say i am a little bit lost.  I picked one diamond that i think is good and i just wish to hear some feedback to tell me if it is worth buying or how do you think its light preformace would be. 

So just to give some information: 

The diamonds GIA report: https://www.gia.edu/report-check?reportno=5192113883 

Its a triple EX, round cut diamond. SI1, I colour, 0.56ct and faint flouressence.  Its mesurments are 5.28x5.24x3.29. 

Depth is 62.5 %

Table 56 %


It is priced about 1,060 USD. 



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The GIA site is down, and I'd like to get a read of crown and pavilion angles. Everything else seems fine; perhaps a touch too deep, so it will look very slightly smaller than other diamonds of the same weight, but it seems eye-clean and pleasantly cut with good contrast.

Whether it's "right" for you, depends on what you are looking for.

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Hello and thanks for taking the time to answer! 

Yeah i saw that the site is down, but i can tell you from memory that the crown is in the 34.0° to 35.0° and pavilion angle is in 40.6° to 41.0° parameters. If i will manage to get to the report i will post it here.  

I was planing to put it into a halo setting with yellow gold.  Mostly i want it to have nice fire and overall light preformance. I forgot to add that the HCA score is 1,5. 


Edit: picture

Brez naslova.png

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Thank you again for your time! Just one more question: do you think the diamond could apear cloudy because of the cloud charateristic? Now I know that the video and picture are not visible anymore but I was just wondering if you remember if it looked clear to you. 




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found a picture. I know it is not a lot to go on. 
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No, I don't think so. Bear in mind that "(internal) characteristic" is the word GIA uses to call what normal people call inclusions, and a "cloud" is not a quality of the diamond in general, it's a set of microscopic inclusions gathered together and somewhat resembling a cloud in general appearance.

If the cloud is very large (i.e. the microscopic inclusions are spread over much or most of the stone's volume) and dense (i.e. there are lots of these microscopic inclusions), then it can give the impression that the stone overall is cloudy, but that should lead to an SI2 or I(1, 2, 3) clarity grade, not SI1.

Unfortunately the GIA report for this stone is of the type where they don't include a plot of the characteristics, so we can't see where GIA has located the cloud and how large it is; without having the diamond in hand it's very difficult to locate these inclusions precisely. I believe - repeat believe - that the feather is visible at 10 o'clock in the picture, very near the girdle, and the cloud is at 12 o'clock on the edge of the table. However these could be artifacts due to my brain (and its interpretation of the picture), the photograph/image processing, dust or internal reflections of the "true" inclusions.

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