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Help in picking out perfect diamond for ring


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Hi All,

I am looking into buying a diamond for my girlfriend. I have been doing a good amount of research and what she would like is a :

~2 Ct Diamond Radiant cut 

I am looking to spend hopefully a max of ~12k and I have contacted a few dealers and also used rarecarat for help. The following are a few diamonds I was wondering if you could give me advice on :


1.92 ct F SI2 https://www.rarecarat.com/product/74088217?online=25,17,27,55,54,152,24,107,29,53,50,103,8,31,105,12&local=27,152&searchId=8a49875a-e2c8-49f6-8826-08d7fb2c2bac&postalCode=

2.01 ct I SI2 https://www.gia.edu/report-check?reportno=7336311611 ( I liked this one but a gemologist told me this has a knot and is not worth buying, it is priced at ~$10.2k)

2.01 ct I VS2 https://www.rarecarat.com/product/74102773?online=25,17,27,55,54,152,24,107,29,53,50,103,8,31,105,12&local=27,152&searchId=8a49875a-e2c8-49f6-8826-08d7fb2c2bac&postalCode=

Thank you for your help ! 






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Welcome to DiamondReview!

All 3 diamonds you picked have some issues:

1. Very likely none of them is eye-clean (to my satisfaction, at least - even the VS2 is one of the few VS2 that I would not feel comfortable with from a clarity point of view).

2. We know next to nothing as to how they are cut. You don't seem to have a video or even photos about the second one, and the two videos for the others are taken in such a different way as to be pretty much useless for comparison

3. They are all fluorescent. It's not an issue per se, but it is one of the reasons for the prices of these particular stones, and some people are not in love with the idea of fluorescence. The only one I'd advise caution with in this respect is the 2.01 I/VS2

4. They are all priced "close to bottom" for their specs, which means it's likely they all have some issues. You get what you pay for, with diamonds as with anything else.

Other than that, if I had to place a semi-blind bet on one of these I'd go with the F/SI2: it seems relatively clean, it faces up larger than the other 2 and it appears reasonably cut - in as much as it can be judged from a video that has been post-processed to death. It is no more expensive than the rest, and at least you have a 30-day return period. 

Personally, I'd proceed first to find a dealer you can trust and that can assemble a selection together for you to inspect - at least with videos taken in the same way and in the same environment (and maybe even with all stones together so you can actually see the differences, if any).

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Thank you for that, I have a video for option 2 but unfortunately I don't believe I can attach videos in my posts. 

For the F/SI2 and in general if the depth is lower does that matter much if it going to be set on a ring, just wondering what that would mean.

Thank you. 

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Don't worry about depth. Honestly. Particularly with a non-round/non-square stone. Get as much visual information as possible (more videos, reflector images, photos, comparative videos, vendor's impression, ...) and ignore the numbers.

FWIW, the issue with "too low a depth" has nothing to do with the setting; it has to do with the optics of the diamond not working out as it should, not reflecting light back to your eyes, but letting it go through. Here is an extreme example:

Very nice...window | PriceScope Forum

To share the video - if it's not just an MP4 file sitting on your laptop or phone - you can simply provide a link to a Vimeo or YouTube channel.

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Thank you for the clarification, could you please provide some insight into this diamond ?


Unfortunately regarding the video files they are files I have downloaded and not available on a streaming site. 

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Not much different from the rest of the lot. Unlikely to be eye-clean (notice the big black crystal right in the middle of the table?). Zero information on cut; although there is a "video" button, the video does not seem to be loading.

It faces up smaller than the 1.92, probably thanks to the thick girdle, and it's no cheaper (it hits the magic "2.00" on the scale), so no reason to pick it. It also seems to show up a fair amount of colour - which radiants tend to do, because of their optics.

BTW - I've looked again at the video of the 1.92. I'm pretty sure it's not eye-clean either. Not a terrible SI2, but depending on how hawk-eyed you and your girlfriend are, it may be something that bothers you. However, it remains my pick out of this bunch. 

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They are now visible, but alas they are fairly useless... they convey no information about cut or clarity. 5 seconds of low-res, out-of-focus video of a hand (because that's what it is; the diamond is nowhere near the camera) with no decent lighting? Come on, guys (and I'm talking to the vendor) - you should do better if you want to sell, today.

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On 5/18/2020 at 11:08 PM, Soyger said:

I liked this one but a gemologist told me this has a knot and is not worth buying.

This is what I see as the heart of it.  Gemologists are not fungible. Dollars to donuts, the guy who told you this is trying to sell you something and they have never even seen the stone. They're selling you even if what they're selling is advertising to someone else. That doesn't make them wrong, but you are relying on them, not your eyes. Not even the lab.  That stone is slightly less expensive because of the details of the SI2 clarity (mostly that knot) and the fluorescence.  Whether or not those are acceptable to you in light of the price is NOT a slam dunk answer to the question.  

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The grading inclusions are bang under the table, and quite easily visible in the video running; probably in real life too, even without a loupe.

This one faces up large, but it does so because of a flat crown and bulgy pavilion, so I'm not enthusiastic about the cut - in as far as it can be assessed.

I think you need a different strategy than picking (apparently) random stones and submitting them with very limited info to a forum... and the more I look at what you are picking, the more I'm starting to think that you need to let go of some constraint, or at least clarify them - in the first place to yourself. Is having the "2" on carat an absolute need? What about eye-cleanness? Colour - bearing in mind it will typically show in a radiant? 

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1 hour ago, khrisradonov890 said:

Actually, one Australian company may help you to do right choice. They sell diamonds with very affordable price and you can take whatever you want.  Here is their support [links removed]

With all due respect, but self-promotion is not allowed in this forum. Consumer advice is fine.

Can't find the link to the Forum Rules that used to be on every page, but here they are: https://www.diamondreview.com/misc/forumrules 

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Added link to forum rules
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