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Color vs size


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Hello everyone. I am trying to get some opinions on 2 rocks. One is a 1.6 carat G VS2 (about 7.5mm) and one is a 1.3 carat D (about 7.1mm) VS2. Both are beautiful with similar table, depth, crown, pavilion, and price. So, all else equal, do you personally prefer a larger size or a better color? 

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It's really more about what you prefer but all else being equal, since a G color stone is going to face up perfectly white in real life, I would opt for the larger GVS2 without hesitation.  As much as a D color is the highest color you can get, it is more a mental thing than one you can clearly see.  That is not to say a D won't face up whiter than a G, but a G, when not compared closely to a D will look perfectly white. 


Hope this helps.

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^^^^ What Laurent said.

I will add that some people like the symbolic meaning of "perfectly colourless" (even if not true), and may value it more than size. Perfectly valid point of view, which I don't share. 😉

(One last note - "similar" is not the same as identical, and proportions that sounds similar on paper may in reality give rise to quite different appearances. If you have seen the diamonds and they are actually similar in optics to your eye, then not an issue at all; if you haven't and all you have seen is a GIA report - they do have a GIA report, don't they? - then it would put my mind at ease if you could post a few more details to be sure that we are advising you properly...)

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^^^^What those guys said.  I'm not a color snob and I'm distinctly price sensitive.  Cheap even.  All other things being equal, D->G is about 25% drop in price.  You can spend that on a bigger size, better clarity, or just have money in the bank when you're done. I am, however, very much a cut snob. Tiny details make a big difference.  

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