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Can James Allen Rocks be Super Ideal?

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I was looking at the True Hearts collection on JA and I compiled a list of diamonds that appeared well-priced for their specs. Then I obtained AGS certs for all of those and the following appear to be closer to super ideal. Can someone who knows more than I do explain to me what minor flaws these possess?

1.41ct G VVS1 – AGS –

1.30ct F VVS1 - AGS - 



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9 hours ago, Gasdoc23 said:

closer to super ideal

Define that precisely, and we can have a discussion... (or at least a guess; for a sensible discussion, at the very least all 8 crown and pavilion angles, and lower girdle and star facet lengths should be available, not just their averages).

FWIW, these seem truly well cut; there is some minor cleaving of the hearts in the 1.41 and some equally minor arrow shaft "misalignment" in the 1.30, but these are quibbles.

FWIW 2, I don't find the tables small. Partly because I like them (and Tolkowsky seemed to consider a 53% table perfectly good; I suspect he would have seen the current fashion for 56-58% as a bit odd, and the 1980s punt into 60% as an abomination).

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