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review of ring, stone


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No permission to access the link... and I'm always worried when someone calls a ring with a 1.51 centre stone "2.80 carats". It may well be true in terms of the total diamond weight, but it's not what I like as a marketing technique.

Other than that, the online GIA report has no plot and perhaps more worryingly it's so old that it has no cut grade. The fact that the main grading inclusion is a crystal means it's possible (but quite unlikely) that it's visible; my main concern is that it may be not a well cut stone, and we have no information to corroborate or contradict this other than a middling symmetry grade ("good").

It may be perfectly OK, but... unless you can see it and compare it to other "definitely well cut" diamonds I'd pass.

Quick link to GIA report: https://www.gia.edu/UK-EN/report-check?reportno=12539144

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As mentioned by Davide above, clarity is not likely to be the problem, if there’s a problem at all. A 2003 report vg/g is the sort of thing by most dealers would send in for an update and maybe even a recut. It’s all about the cutting these days. If it were even vg they would send it in to ‘prove’ it so I would expect good or even fair. That still may be ok but this is not a premium stone. Have they said anything about the cut?  Have they said anything about the antique cert?  

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The ring is on (have you seen the ring) 9500328-16607  if you could just check it out, that would be great. My understanding is that it has a GIA report from 2003 and they could have cut the stone after that and not done another appraisal. What is an Antique cert? Thank you for your help.

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The link you provided to the ring doesn't work (access forbidden).

3 hours ago, dimckeon said:

The ring is on (have you seen the ring) 9500328-16607

this is unclear. What does that string of numbers represent?

The centre stone (not the ring) has a report from 2003, which could well be defined an antique (hence Neil's joke about the antique cert). If it has been recut - which I very much doubt - then there is nothing at all to go on to advise you. If it has not been recut you now have two people advising you that a report from 2003 is not a good sign.

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ok, 17 years isn't technically antique.  

Here's the problem.  The rules changed in 2006.  The change was to add a cut grade.  Why? Because people were pretending cut didn't count and were using GIA paper to sell crappy stones for premium prices.  So, in 17 years, why hasn't someone sent it in to 'certify' that it isn't a crappy cut? (note: It costs $130. Every diamond dealer on the planet knows this and most have an account with them). Every reason I can think of is bad for you.... It has a problem, and they know it.  The big question is whether or not the problem is going to be acceptable to you. Maybe it is, but they're deliberately concealing something and it's not about saving $130. 

eta. Although Davide answered your question, I did not.  A correctly graded VS2 will not normally have eye-visible inclusions but you can't tell from a photograph or even a plot in any case.

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