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Diamond review help please


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Hello. I came across this website while attempting to determine if my diamond is truly is a well cut diamond. I am concerned because In darker lighting it seems dull & lifeless in the center. I don’t think it is a nail head effect and maybe it is a reflection of my head, but the “shadow” is only visible in certain lighting, not in all. I’d really appreciate reviews of my diamond. Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to your feedback. 

The GIA report is as follows:

round brilliant

7.08 - 7.11 x 4.39mm

1.33 carat



Cut Excellent

TBL 54%
TD 61.8%
CA 35%
PA 40.8 degrees

ST 50%
LH 75%
Girdle Thn to Med, F (3%)

Culet NON

Polish Excellent

Symmetry Excellent

Fluorescence None




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1 hour ago, davidelevi said:

On paper it looks perfectly fine - and I mean fine. Are you sure it is totally scrupulously clean, especially on the pavilion? All you need is a bit of skin grease smudge from a finger and lo! Lifeless and dull!

Thanks for your insight, davidelevi. I’ll give my diamond a really good clean and evaluate it. 

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