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Some diamonds expert please help me, thank you!


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I recently won on the online bids one ring with 5 fancy mix diamonds, cca. 1,5  ct total. I thinking not to pay the value, only the cost of the bid ( I would find it honest). This ring was estimated by the biding website at 3000 Euro, but my online research determined that these fancy diamonds have significantly lesser value.  

Could someone please help me value this ring at its just value? ..and advise me as to how I should proceed !

Could some knowledgeable expert assist me in this endeavour ?

   P.S. This ring have AIG certificate with the following specifications:  

Center Stone: Natural diamond
Shape: Round brilliant
Carat weight: 1.54 ct
Color: Fancy Mix Colors
Clarity : VS

Gold: 14 kt Yellow gold
Weight: 3.00 g
                                                   Thank you,

Best regards,




my ring1.jpg

my ring 2.jpg

my ring 3.jpg

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Hi Karina, welcome to DiamondReview!

I'm afraid that your questions do not have a unique, clear answer. An accurate appraisal would require two conditions:

1. Each diamond should be assessed and graded individually: the AIG report is frankly useless other than to determine weight (and probably not trustworthy in respect of the only grade it attributes: "VS clarity").

2. A specification of what market is considered: the value (fair price) of the ring when sold (say) by Cartier in Via Monte Napoleone  to a consumer is not the same as the "value" of the ring being resold by the consumer at "Compro Oro Milano" in Via Torino, even though the two locations are 10 minutes walk apart.

Just for comparison, here are a few somewhat similar rings we have for sale:

brown diamond ring

chocolate diamond ring

brown diamond ringThese have less diamond weight (around 1 cttw) and are set in 18kt rather than 14 kt, but they are I think a fair comparison for the price point; these ungraded "fancy colour" (meaning brown) diamonds are not very expensive and there is more cost in the workmanship than in the materials. The rings are all priced - retail - for less than USD 1,500 each, so while it's possible that someone would retail a similar ring (yours) for around twice the price, it's also very possible to find something comparable for much less.

My advice is to enjoy the ring for what it is - a very pretty thing for which you probably paid a fair but not "bargain" price.

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Not every artist charges the same for their time and talents.  As components go, brown diamonds are not terribly expensive and 3 grams of14k gold is not terribly expensive either.  The money is in making it into a ring.  If you're really looking for an explanation of that 3,000 Euro estimate, ask the person who wrote it.  Usually, their contact information is on the document itself.  Bear in mind that appraising is a completely unregulated business. They are under no obligation to talk to you and they are not required to be reasonable even if they do.  The key is that you don't have to care what they think. The FIRST step in evaluating an appraisal is to evaluate the appraiser.  The obligation is on them to convince you that they have something useful to say. Without that, ignore them.  The default answer is to ignore them. It's packing materials.  

Milan is a bit far from my neighborhood and I don't know any appraisers to refer you to.  In Europe, they usually call them valuers, which may be a useful google search.  You mentioned that 3k was some sort of MSRP. The transaction price may be a more useful number to go by.  Presumably it was a fair and public auction but, in practice, we don't even know that.  

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Dear Sir,

I will begin by saying that I particularly appreciate your response as professional and very diplomatic. I am very pleased with my inspiration to choose you for a competent opinion.

Yes, the auction was online and public, and I was momentarily exalted by the beauty of the stones (I like the natural hearts),

I thought that it would be preferable to pay a penalty amount for the renunciation (which also has the consequence of not being able to participate at their online auction house ) instead of paying about $1100 VAT included, the value by which I won the auction for this jewel. Money that I doubt I can recover by reselling it.

 In Milan I have already contacted a house for jewellery sale, which cleverly told me that I will pay for the jewellery and not for the real value of the stones and gold and that they do not sell fancy brown diamonds that they consider depreciated.

In fact, I would be very grateful to you if you give me your personal opinion on the question wether a person that loves quality should or not buy this piece for $1100 ?

I thank you specifically for the time you have given me,

ending here with the hope that I will still have a valutation from you !

Best regards,

Karina Colombo



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4 minutes ago, karinacolombo said:

a person that loves quality should or not buy this piece for $1100 ?

Speaking as a consumer/collector of jewellery it does not seem an unreasonable price, but you are very unlikely to be able to resell it for more than that - or even to break even. If you don't like it for yourself, pay the penalty and escape; if you like it, then it's not a rip-off.

Apologies if it wasn't my opinion you wanted.

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This ring looks great. The best part of this ring is the diamonds. They also look beautiful and sweet. I got a little story on this topic. One year ago, I wanted to give a gift to my girlfriend. I didn't know what I could give to a girl. I was looking at various websites and forums. It was a waste of time. After two weeks of searching, I found the best option for me. I got here an https://opalgalaxy.com Australian opal for a sweet price. I remember that month with a smile on my face. I hope I was assistance for you!

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