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Need your advice---please help me choose a good one


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Hi Guys, I am newbie and so happy came across this forum. I started looking for a nice diamond for an engagement ring and after a little bit of research realized how much I don't know and so many factors influence the diamond beyond the 4C's. Recently learned about the HCA numbers but after reading a bit more realized it a rejection tool not so much select the right diamond.
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It would be nice if you removed the "refer" part of the links that accrues commission to another forum...

All of the ones you picked above are decently cut. My personal favourite is the 2.08 because I like high crowns and smaller tables; the 2.21 is obviously the larger stone and it probably will be a little brighter but with a little less fire.

The 2.12 is only worth considering (IMHO) if you (your to-be-fiancée) can easily see the difference between H and I; I cannot (in normal circumstances of looking at a well cut, set diamond from the top). Otherwise you are spending $2,500 for not much (and a set of proportions I like less than either of the two above).

The two 2.01 are much of a muchness, and given your budget I don't see any reason for picking them, unless you are in love with the video of either one. FWIW, if I had to choose one of these two, I'd pick the one with catalogue number ending in 495 for the same reason I'd pick the 2.08

Hope this helps - remember that those above are my personal preferences; there is nothing wrong with a stone with a lower crown and larger table (e.g. the 2.12) if you prefer that look.

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Thank you for your detailed reply and the tip on removing referral link...I have edited the post and taken them off- didn't realize they were not part of the link.

Is the 2.21 Carat OK as well...I think my finance will appreciate the size.

Also is this diamond any good?



Thank you

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Thank YOU!

The 2.21 is perfectly OK; it's just not my favourite. 🙂

The latest one you have linked is also a nice diamond - even though it has a relatively large table and a flat crown it seems to be cut with superb symmetry and it faces out very large, thanks to those proportions and a thinner girdle than the others. If you (your fiancée) privilege size and scintillation to fire, it could be a good choice, and you save $1,000 in the process.

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11 minutes ago, Lizunova Fine Jewels said:

But I want to know. are you searching for a new one for any specific occasion like an engagement or something else?

Maybe this answers your question, right at the beginning of the first post in the thread:

On 2/5/2020 at 10:27 PM, Bill_Always said:

I started looking for a nice diamond for an engagement ring


13 minutes ago, Lizunova Fine Jewels said:

I could help you with some more designs

More designs for a round diamond? Like what?

I think this is fishing for business, and covert advertising, not helping people.

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