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SI1 Wisps? Should I stay away or are they not even noticeable?


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Done a lot of research on my own, but I haven’t heard much about wisps.

I’m comparing a few diamonds and one has quite a few wisps on the certificate and can be seen under magnification. Will this dramatically affect the brilliance and or show like scratches on the surface to the naked eye?

I am relatively unfamiliar with wisps, and have plenty of time to look for the stone.  
1.5 ct EX Ex Ex G SI1 No Fl, $10,250





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They are unlikely to affect brilliance or appearance "dramatically" (to use your word) - it is graded SI1, after all, and that means that GIA graders think the inclusions are still visually relatively minor, and wisps are usually quite benign from a visual impact point of view. Whether they impact anything at all, as Furqan says, is not something that can be determined from the report or from (those) photos.

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