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   Hello experts ,

                                 Could you please give me your opinion on the following. Which order would you choose?

1) 1.2 ct , Ideal cut, I color, VS2

2) 1.16 ct, Ideal cut, F color, SI1 clarity

3) 1.12 ct, Ideal cut, I color, VS1

4) 1.09 ct, Ideal cut, I color, VS1 clarity


Thank you.

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What are your priorities? The answer depends on them, not on what anyone else likes...

FWIW, the one I personally like most in terms of proportions (on paper) is the 1.12, but there are people that would prefer others. None of them is badly cut.

The 1.20 clearly looks larger than the rest, but it may be one of those rare VS2 where the inclusion is visible without a loupe in some circumstances. On the other hand, the 1.16 seems very clean when looked face-on, but the large cloud is visible through the side, so depending on how you are going to set it (and how sensitive you/your recipient are to those things), it may work very well... or not. The 1.09 is dominated by the 1.12: better cut (IMHO), same grades, same fluorescence, slightly larger visually and basically the same price - unless the 1.12 turns hazy or oily in sunlight, no reason to pick the 1.09.

You seem to have picked strongly fluorescent I-colour diamonds except for a non-fluorescent F. Is this in the hope that the diamond will look whiter? If so, I have to reassure and disappoint you at the same time: a well cut I-colour - in isolation - will look quite colourless; on the other hand, a fluorescent stone will only look whiter if there is enough UV radiation to activate the fluorescence - basically only in sunlight.

Davide - Specialised Consumer Information and Assistance,
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