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Please Help Diamond Comparison


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I am currently in the process of buying an engangement ring and need to move a bit quick here. I am so new to diamonds and do not know much so looking for professional unbiased help. Can I get as many responses as possible to which stone I should choose. This will be for an oval shaped diamond on a 14 ct yellow gold solitaire ring. 

1.8 Ct Oval Color E Si2 Gia- 6315797095 --- $12,275

1.7 Ct Oval Color F Si2 Gia- 2337712649 ----$12,900

1.7 CT Oval Color G Si2 Gia- 1318764593 --- $12,500


Please help any let me know what im missing with each diamond. 

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We (you) have a number of problems with the information available:

1. SI2 clarity diamonds vary enormously in the extent to which their inclusions are visible to the naked eye. There is no way of telling with certainty what is the case from the report alone.

FWIW, assuming the three stones are being retailed through the same type of retailer (internet or high-street, chain or single store, ...), the fact that a higher colour, larger stone is cheaper than the rest is NOT a good sign, unless you don't mind having visible inclusions.

2. There is virtually no information about cut. Ovals are not graded for cut by GIA, and the only reliable way of understanding whether a stone is well cut or not is to see it - ideally in comparison to the others. Good quality photos (including reflector images if well taken and you know how to read them) are an OK substitute; video - especially if comparing two or more diamonds together - is even better.

The prices you are being asked are higher than average for internet-based retailers; they may well be reasonable for a high street store, but then a bricks-and-mortar retailer should be able to organise a viewing so you can choose the one you like most (or ask them to procure alternatives).

Finally, the report number for the 1.70 F/SI2 is either typed wrongly or there is an issue with the report. Links to the other two are here, for speed of access if anyone wants to comment:



ETA - link to third stone https://www.gia.edu/report-check?reportno=2337712640&s=1579046079049

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Added link to last stone with correct report No.
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Hi there,

The 3 stones are all sold through different types of retailers.

1.8 Ct is sold through a store in downtown LA

Both the 1.7 are sold through a private diamond seller. 

Not sure if that info helps or not. Let me also re type the GIA for that stone you said did not work. 



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It helps a bit, but all we are confirming (or not, as the case may be) is whether the prices are reasonable; the 1.80 being retailed by a high street store may be OK. For the other two, it depends on what you mean with a "private diamond seller"? A private individual (i.e. a consumer) that is reselling a diamond they bought from a retailer some time ago? If that's the case, the prices are very high.

Unfortunately, it still says nothing with respect to the appearance of the diamonds, and this is usually what people buy diamonds for.

I have added the link to the third stone's report to my post above, in case anyone wants to comment.

Having looked again at the three reports, I have to say that the 1.80 doesn't look like a great stone on paper; it's smaller face-up than both the 1.70s and it is very possibly not eye-clean (like the 1.70 G; best chances on the 1.70 F - but I may be totally wrong on all three). It may still look very lively, and better than the other two; however the reports don't tell us - on a blind bet, I'd bet against it.

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