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fluorescence - Oval; Color: H Carat: 2.99 Ct.Clarity: VVS1 Cut: Excellent Lab: GIA

Diego Navarro

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Looking for honest feedback on this diamond 

- shape: Oval; Color: H Carat: 2.99 Ct.Clarity: VVS1 Cut: Excellent Lab: GIA, 

-  https://www.yadavjewelry.com/diamond/oval-diamond-2.99-carat-h-vvs1-yd8142213



Measurements: 11.46 - 8.21 x 5.08
Fluorescence: Strong
Depth: 61.8%
Table: 58%
Crown Angle: 35.0°
Crown Height: 14.8%
Pavilion Angle: 40.3°
Pavilion Depth: 43.5%
Culet: None

L/W Ratio: 1.4

I was looking to spend less, to be honest, looking for an oval in a range of 2.7- to-3.0 carat range. The biggest factor I'm scared about is the fluorescence being Strong and clearly it being a bad diamond for my future wife and spending this type of money.

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I would suggest you use the diamond finder on this forum and set criteria between 3.00 and 3.50, FGH color, IF - VS2 clarity, None to Medium fluorescence. Sort by price low to high, and start looking at pictures and see which one you like best in your budget. And select that. 

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The honest feedback is that there isn't that much feedback that can be given. There are two potential areas of concern:

1. The cut quality. We know zippo about it. One static photo is not enough to assess anything, and the report is no use (there is no cut grade from GIA 

2. The fluorescence. We know GIA assessed it as "strong blue"; the main risk is that the stone turns hazy/smoky/milky/oily in UV-rich light (i.e. sunlight), but the single photo posted has been taken in a light box with virtually no UV in the environment.

The same stone appears to be on sale through other vendors for a similar (slightly lower) price, but all that this confirms is that the price is reasonable; it says nothing about whether it is the right stone for you. FWIW, 2.7 to 3.1 makes a heck of a difference - not only are you looking at a 13% difference in weight (which is $4-5k on the total give or take), but you are crossing a significant threshold at 3.00 carats, which will increase the price/carat.

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The "other vendor" (B2C) has more info as well; their site is now back up so I'm posting the link.


the ASET image is either very poor or very poorly taken. The video shows a fairly flat and lifeless stone - though it seems to be without a bow-tie. It could well be the video rather than the stone.

You have added some proportion data; these look as if they have been taken from a round brilliant, not an oval (where amongst other things it makes no sense to speak of a single crown or pavilion angle, since by definition there are at least 2 of each, assuming perfect symmetry). If these have been supplied by the vendor, ask them how they got them and why they are not releasing the complete scan data with all 8 pavilion and 8 crown angles - any uncertainty or obfuscation there means they made them up.

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Hi David, really helpful. THANK YOU.  I've been talking to Yadav and they provide the following specifications on the website, they also have a video as well. I can ask about the 8 pavilions and 8 crown angles. Although B2C is significantly cheaper at $30,894. 

- https://www.yadavjewelry.com/diamond/oval-diamond-2.99-carat-h-vvs1-yd8142213

Screen Shot 2020-01-13 at 8.28.30 AM.png

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You are most welcome, Diego!

Yep. I've seen the video - same one as the one on the B2C site, meaning neither vendor owns the stone, and both are brokering (which is perfectly normal).

As I mention above, those proportions on the Yadav site look like "left behind" from a round brilliant. Possibly a scripting bug, a copy/paste error in their database or good old-fashioned deception.

GIA does not measure those proportions on non-round brilliants, much less does it issue a cut grade (and much much less uses the term "ideal" for anything), so it may be interesting to know where they got them. Even if they have actually measured them, I'm not aware of any published studies on the influence of pavilion and crown angles on appearance in ovals, so what's the point?

All of this helps in possibly identifying better vendors; unfortunately not to figure out whether this is a good stone. My gut feeling says you could probably do better - though much depends on what you want to prioritise.

ETA - it may seem I'm pushing B2C. I'm not - they are a much more significant competitor for me than either of the other two discussed in this thread!

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Again thank you, David! All very helpful - my gut feeling says I can do better and unfortunately the search continues, although I'm sorta running out of time as I was planning on proposing in 3-4 weeks on a trip.  

Do you have any recommended websites/vendors that I can continue the search online? I've looked at a few local jewelers (I'm based in San Francisco) and big brand companies such: Blue Nile & Brillant Earth and did a quick search on the diamond finder on this forum. 

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