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Need help! Which of these are the best?

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27 minutes ago, Kitt23 said:

Which of these are the best?

It depends on what you prioritise. You have chosen three fairly different stones for your shortlist, ranging from 1.21 to 0.90 ct, D to H in colour and SI1 to VVS2 in clarity. Not to mention three very different sets of proportions for cut, and a price range for the stones of well over 12% (considering the prices include the same setting!).

FWIW, in terms of cut proportions I'd rank them 1.02, 1.21 and 0.90 - none of them are a truly excellent cut from my point of view, in as much as it can be assessed from a GIA report.

The 0.90 is the weakest proposition of the lot, unless 1) price is a strong consideration and 2) the 1.02 and the 1.21 are not eye-clean (which is a possibility for both).

The choice between 1.21 and 1.02 depends on eye-cleanness of both stones, and once that is cleared on whether you privilege size vs. colour (though colour may not be that visible from the top and once set) AND on what set of proportions you prefer. The 1.21 is likely to be brighter but with less fire than the 1.02

Prices - it is a guessing game, because a "custom platinum ring" could be fairly worth $500 or $3000...

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