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The depth percentage and thick girdle indicates indicates that the cutters' main objective was that of maximum weight retention. A proper 6.5 MM diameter usually goes with with a 1.05-1.07 carat weight. 

Question is why? 


  • Irregular shape diamond rough --- where the final weight would very close to 1 carat, or fall to under 1 carat.
  • cutting away one or more inclusions that if left in, brings the clarity down to SI-2/I-1. Thus, removing them and still getting a 1 carat +, means you have to finish with a wider table facet and a deeper pavillion.


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I did a search to see the what i would get with good proportions. I couldn't find anything bigger than 1 ct for that price on bluenile. Essentially I can buy a bigger rock (with lesser performance) which will look same size as a well cut 1 ct or little under for the same price.

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1 hour ago, virtuo0 said:

The only challenge is with the high resolution images and 360 views, its really becoming difficult to know if it is eye clean.

The issue with "eye-clean" is that it's ill defined to start with: what's eye-clean to me may not be to your hawk-like eyesight... This aside, if you have difficulty in seeing the inclusions in a video or large scale image (15-20x is typical for websites), you can guarantee that it is eye-clean, but you will get a lot of false negatives (inclusions that are NOT visible in reality become visible in a photo).

A more reasonable test is to shrink the image down to ~4-5x, so about an inch across for a 1 carat round, and check if you can see anything. If you can't, chances are that it's eye-clean. If the resolution of your screen is high (e.g. a good mobile phone), then try shrinking down to 1.0-1.5x; if anything is visible there, it probably will be in reality.

The other option is to ask the vendor; if they have the stone in hand, it can be a very reliable source, and they have no interest in spending for shipping (possibly both ways) and getting the stone out of inventory for a couple of weeks only for it to be returned. The snag with that is that many vendors (including Blue Nile) don't have the stone in hand, and Blue Nile specifically will NOT EVER get it in hand; they will say they need to talk to "a Vault Manager", which is code for "I'll call my supplier and ask what they think" - while the supplier has the same interest as the retailer, the information you get becomes third hand and any "live requests" such as "can you please see if the inclusions are visible through the side?" or "if you observe it at a very close distance rather than 2 feet away, what can you see?" are at best awkward to pose, at worst totally not transmitted.

1 hour ago, virtuo0 said:

Looks good proportions-wise, and it seems eye-clean. I think I can see the crystals from the plot at the highest magnification, but they seem to be white/transparent and quite small; I'm not even sure it's them. I would say that it's worth a try, if it fits your other criteria.

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