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GEL certified tennis bracelet


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I'm gradually replacing some stolen jewelry.  I'm shopping for a diamond tennis bracelet.  I'm looking at this one and I've never heard of GEL certified. 

 3.25ct round cut white gold 14k diamond tennis bracelet NOT ENHANCED 

Clarity SI3-I1 Color F  Photo attached (hope you can see). Seems like a good deal but not sure the Color and Clarity are correct.  Thank you so much in advance!






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Better photo
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6 hours ago, Aly said:

I've never heard of GEL certified. 

That makes two of us. Unfortunately, setting up a gemmological lab requires no vetting; it's up to you to do the vetting and decide whether the lab can be trusted - the default answer is no. 

6 hours ago, Aly said:

Seems like a good deal but not sure the Color and Clarity are correct. 

If they aren't correct (and/or the information about treatment is incorrect), then any conclusions about "good deal" are invalid, at least financially. You may still like the item, and find it an acceptable replacement for your stolen bracelet, which is a different definition of "good deal".

FWIW, given the diamonds are ~0.05 ct each, and I assume they still sparkle, the clarity is almost certainly correct: it would be hard to go lower without the stones looking like industrial diamonds. Colour is anybody's guess (especially from a photo), but again given the size of the stones the face-up visual difference between F and I is minimal.

There are two things that - in my view - contribute more than anything to looks (and certainly contribute significantly to price), and those aren't mentioned: diamond cut and quality of the metalwork. There is no evidence about the former, and the latter seems rather clunky (based on the photo).

To sum it up - I can't answer your question about colour and clarity with any level of certainty, much less any question about value. All I can say is that I would not buy this because of how it is constructed, regardless of any consideration about the stones.

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Pretty much every jeweler sells in-line bracelets.  Prices vary wildly with the details. This leads to the question of what you're looking for and what led you to that particular one. This is not a high-end piece and I presume it's being sold based  on price. I make that guess from the metalwork, the non-standard grading scale on the stones, and the claim that it's ’certified’, whatever that means. The purpose of the GEL thing is to guide you in the way you're shopping. 

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