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Diamond Virgin (Engagement Ring)


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Hello, Im looking for advice in regards to picking out an engagement ring and what are the best tips I can get into where to purchase the ring whether be online, a common retailer (Kays, Zales, etc) or whether to shop at a local jewler.  I have a ring that I found on Kays website below that I love and was wondering if you guys can tell me what you think. For future reference my budget is up to $5,200 and Im leaning more towards a 3 diamond ring on 14k white gold band. Thanks so much for the help.



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Horses for courses...

Some people like to spend less, others like the reassurance of the large chain, and others still opt for the (usually) higher level of service and personal attention that one gets from a local, family-owned shop. No-one is wrong.

The design you like is not an uncommon one; here is a similar setting on Blue Nile* https://www.bluenile.com/build-your-own-three-stone-ring/three-stone-pave-diamond-engagement-ring-14k-white-gold_58245

and here is a list of 20 or so stones equivalent (?) to the centre stone in Kay's ring


The setting in 14 kt white gold costs $850, the most expensive equivalent (?) stone is $2,200. Total a shade over $3,000 at standard prices, which is less than half Kay's normal price and a good 40% less than their promotional price.

The reasons why I keep repeating (?) after the word equivalent are two:

1. Kay's really give very little information on the diamond they are selling. They don't tell us anything about cut - Tolkowsky as a firm generally sell nicely cut stones, but they have different lines and cut grades. In addition, although Kay's say "Each Tolkowsky® diamond ring comes with a certificate of authenticity and independent certification of the center stone.", there is no indication who is doing the "independent certification" - and that may make a fair amount of difference in what you are getting.

2. The (supposedly correct) grading of the stone is I-I1. There are all sorts of I1, from those that look very very clean, to those that a dog's breakfast looks down on. Not only this makes a significant amount of difference on whether you like the stone, it makes for a huge range of prices.

So, with all the caveats in the world, I would hesitate in defining Kay's offer as "a good deal". Whether the convenience of having a nation-wide network of shops vs. an online-only or local-high-street-only presence is something you value is something only you can decide.

* I'm not recommending that particular ring style, nor that you shop at Blue Nile (which incidentally is a competitor of mine, just as is Kay's); I'm just bringing this up as an example of something similar available and to get a reference on price.

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It's completely different from your first choice other than for the price... and that confuses the heck out of me. Are you looking for a solitaire or a 3-stone? Centre stone round ~0.70 ct. or princess ~1.00 ct?

That aside, I simply would not buy (or recommend) a "pre-set" ring, given that you can choose from thousands of diamonds that are likely to be better cut than a vendor's choice, yet cost no more.

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