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Kamal Mohammad

25 Gram raw .. Diamond or Quartz

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Hello ladies and gentlemen.

This is my first topic here..

I have found this piece in one of the valleys here in Saudi Arabia..

and I am wondering whether it is a diamond .. or just a quartz.

Attached are the stone's pictures.

happy to hear your thoughts.








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Geologically it's more likely to be quartz or even a piece of glass debris - depending on how far away from "civilisation" you were where you found this.

The frosted appearance of the smooth facets vs. the relative brightness of the broken-up surfaces also makes me think this is not very hard material (vs. diamond!!!), but as repeated several times on this forum, ID from photographs is a thankless and largely impossible task. On the other hand, a gemmologist should be able to rule out several things, including diamond, very quickly and safely, once s/he has the stone in hand. Nice photos, BTW.

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I'm not very familiar with Saudia Arabia or the merchants there so I can't give you a very useful direct referral but separating diamond from quartz (and other things) is not generally very difficult. Around here, look for an appraiser, a gemologist, or a geologist.  There are many of each. Most can do this while you wait, while you watch, and for a nominal or even no fee.  If there's not a place that such places would advertise, try asking a jewelry store for a referral.  

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I was just presented with a few parcels of rough diamonds from Africa.  The pictures looked good and the weights were interesting enough to take a closer look.  These looked like octahedral diamond crystals.  The picture you have posted is not as convincing.  I saw the goods in person this week and as it turns out they were CZ imitations probably made in China.  Only close inspection could make that determination.  The pictures were extremely convincing.191204082632519.jpg.7469e7572799219e1e5ccdf897de9a4d.jpg191204082407800.jpg.fd1576344983ad994e1b3661a0110b78.jpg


These pictures under a microscope show more that could be seen in the real life shots.  The material had a smooth, nearly oily feel to it and the refraction was all wrong.

Bring your stone to someone who knows what they are looking at and is not interested in purchasing it from you.


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