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New here! Need help!


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I've found a diamond I'm interested in but wanted to know what you guys thought about it. Here are the specs: diamond is 5k

.90 carats 

Round brilliant


Color D

Very good cut

Excellent symmetry 

No fluorescence 


Attached is the GIA report



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That it's one of those cases where it depends...

What is important for you? Personally, I would happily sacrifice 2 or even 4 colour grades (D --> G-H) and get a better cut.

The price is aligned to what US-based reputable online vendors are charging for similar stones, but you could spend a fair amount less and get a visually identical stone (especially once set).

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This is a nice diamond but the 13% crown height combined with the 41.6 degree pavilion is a bit shallow/deep --- which reduces face-up brilliance and scintillation. A better combination would be a 14-14.5% crown height combined with a 40.8-41 degree pavilion angle.

Such a diamond combo will refract more light through the top of the stone --- to the point where you would have difficulty telling apart a GIA graded D color from a G color.


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6 hours ago, Kitt23 said:

I'd think I'd rather have a better cut too because it will sparkle more. I think I'm right with that correct?


For what is a "better cut", Barry's comments are spot on; I would only add that personally I also prefer a smaller table (more 55% than 60% for me, but somewhere in between those two is good).

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I third this motion.  The first thing anybody ever notices about a diamond is its cut.  You can have a K-SI2 with a gorgeous cut that will look better than a DIF with a crappy cut.  In this case, you can easily lower the color and put the money into cut.  You will get much more brilliance out of your stone and it may even face up bigger too.

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Nothing to worry about really - they are just parts of the natural surface of the diamond crystal that the cutter did not polish away because they would have caused too much weight loss.

The fact that GIA has graded it "VS" means that the inclusions definitely are not a risk to the stone's integrity or durability.

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