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Opinions on these diamonds pls - which is better cut

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Davide, thank you for the brands you suggested I look at unfortunately nothing was suitable.

I've come across this which I think is similar to the Laings mount, would it have the same structural issues the Laings setting has? Brilliant&metaltype=Platinum&c=w&m=platinum&page=1

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That is the same design as Laings' - except that since it's a CAD drawing it looks neater... 😉

Bear in mind that the brands I suggested were suitable if the main point was the "suspended" look (my wrong assumption at the time!); a crossover setting can be built (with good quality and reliability) by many more people than a tension setting.

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I beg to differ minimally with Davide on these two designs.  The first one, by Laings, has a cross-over that sits too low and bows too far out for a wedding band to fit flush, which I think was one of your requests.  The second one, the Fiona style, is configured such that a wedding band will fit tighter to the overall shank.  The cross over is elevated above where the band would be and the shank of the ring is a little more contoured to compensate for that cross-over.

You could ask the vendors to send you a picture of wedding band next to each style and that would probably really help you make that determination.

I hope this helps.

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