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Opinions on this round 1.75 carat diamond


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Hi everyone, 

I'm new to this forum and I am looking to buy my gf an engagement ring in the near future. I've been looking online and at local jewelers. I had a question about this round 1.75 carat, H, SI1 diamond. It appears that many of the inclusions would be in locations that may be noticeable on the stone and the GIA reports states additional clouds are not shown.

Does anyone have any advice on how noticeable these inclusions would be to the naked eye/ how much they will affect the brilliance of the diamond? I was also wondering if having a medium blue fluorescence on a stone with the color H make the stone appearer whiter as if it was a higher grade color? I attache the link and GIA report from blue nile below. Thanks








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Based on the video and the photo, it seems perfectly eye-clean. And very nicely cut.

No SI-grade inclusion will affect brilliance in a diamond (possible exception: SI2-I1 borderline stones with huge amounts of dark clouds). Additional x characteristic not shown are usually not shown because they are not adding anything to the identification since they are very small or diffused.

Yes, the medium-blue may make it appear whiter in certain circumstances, however:
a. H is normally seen as colourless anyway, even in a fairly large stone, unless you put it right next to a D
b. This is a well cut diamond and it will appear whiter seen from the top than it does through the side (how colour is graded)
c. To get any visual benefit from fluorescence you need UV in the light, which basically means sunlight... indoors it will have no visual effect whatsoever. However, it does have a beneficial effect on the wallet, because it causes a discount.


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