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  • I hope someone can help me out there... here is my situation: My fiance and I went to a diamond store to buy an engagement ring. We brought a half-carat diamond with us, which was given to me by his mother. The diamond was crystal clear, clean, and sparkling. We picked out a setting, which seemed awfully expensive for a ring without a diamond.  ($1800) But the jeweler was a good salesman, and convinced us it was worth every penny. After 2 weeks, I called to see if it was ready. The jeweler said it had just arrived, and i could pick it up. Then he added, "Just wanted to let you know that the diamond you gave us has a blue tint to it. We didn't notice until after we cleaned it. It's beautiful. You'll love it."  I was confused. I didn't think our diamond had a blue tint to it when we dropped it off. But since I don't know much about diamonds, I didn't think too much about it. Until I saw it. The diamond looked DARK AND GRAY. (see before and after pics) I was horrified. I told him that was not our diamond. He said it was. He gave me a wordy, confusing explanation of how diamonds sometimes change color when they're cleaned. I told him that didn't make sense. We have two other diamonds his mother gave us that are exactly the same- and have been cleaned- without a "blue tint." Then he went to the back room and returned a few minutes later with a different explanation. He said when they were cleaning the diamond, someone didn't rinse it completely, and the chemical left a "film" on the diamond. I said, "Did you ruin the diamond?!" He said no, not to worry, they were going to use another chemical to thoroughly rinse off the "film residue." He said the diamond wasn't ruined. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I asked him why he gave me two different explanations. He evaded the question and tried to downplay the situation, then he told me to leave the ring with him and he would clean it again and I can pick it up tomorrow. At this point, I'm questioning the integrity of the entire business. Can anyone tell me if his explanations make sense?



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Please help me clear my confusion - 

1. You gave the jeweller your diamond loose or set in the ring?

2. Are those pictures of 2 different rings? They look the same. While the 2nd picture has a greyish looking diamond?

3. Is that grey tint in all lighting angles?

4. Also did you finally get your own diamond the next day after cleaning?

The explanation sound rubbish to me. There's no cleaning that leaves film lol. Loose unset Diamonds are cleaned easily. Dip in tetrachloride, and clean thoroughly with cleaning cloth that's it.

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Thank you SO MUCH for replying. To answer your questions: we gave him a loose diamond (the center one) 

We bought the setting, which came with all of the little diamonds.

The first picture is with our diamond, placed into the setting so I could see what it would look like. 

The second picture is two weeks later- it's supposed to be the finished ring. But I think the diamond looks totally different. It looks dark and gray- at every angle.  

I asked him to explain what happened. At first, he said that the diamond was blue tinted when we brought it there. Thank God I had a picture of it on my phone. I showed him the picture and said, no it wasn't. It was bright and white. So then he immediately changed his story and said the dark color was "residual from the chemicals they used to clean it." Someone didn't rinse it thoroughly, I guess. He said it creates a film on the diamond. But not to worry because they have another chemical they use to remove the film. 

I was confused and disappointed and skeptical because everything he said sounded like bullshit. Does his explanation have any validity whatsoever? 

Thank you for caring, and for your time..

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Nothing to add technically; their explanation is total bovine excrement. I just hope they can reverse whatever they have done, and they haven't burned the diamond while setting it.

If you can, ask them to put it on precision scales (to the hundredths of a carat) BEFORE they do anything else to it. Then repeat once it has been "cleaned". This way you will know if they have repolished it (which I suspect is what they are going to do, unless they attempted to switch the stone, which is unlikely but possible)

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Total bs story.  As already mentioned, they may have burned the stone which will require repolishing and a slight loss of weight, but the answer may be simpler: the stone could have been switched and on being discovered they are going to magically, sorry, chemically clean (yeah right) and put your stone back in there.

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Thank you both for replying. I went back today, and it was miraculously clean. LOL  The whole experience was shady. (I agree with you- I think they tried to get away with a diamond switch, then realized I wasn't an idiot so they switched it back)

It's unbelievable what we have to put up with these days. Can't trust anyone to do honest business. So sad. 

Thank you again for your help. 

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