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What do you think of this diamond?


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5 hours ago, kirbycario said:

What do you mean by aset taken incorrectly?

The stone was (likely) not positioned correctly within the viewer. It's a matter of fractions of a millimetre, so the jury is always out on whether this is intentional (to produce a "better" image") or accidental, but regardless of intention it makes the images far less useful.

5 hours ago, kirbycario said:

Also is that an ideal scope image or are they arrows and hearts viewer images

Good point. They call it an arrow view - and there is clearly a "hearts" view - but if it is such, it is definitely taken incorrectly and it ends up looking like an idealscope (without the same information being conveyed, because the viewer's construction is different).

The "hearts" view seems to have been taken correctly, and it looks nice - which is generally a good sign for what the diamond actually looks like.

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