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Is the difference in brilliance, fire, scintillation visible to average eye when comparing a 41.4 pavilion angle to a 41?


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Hi all - first post here, but I have been lurking for a while and really appreciate all the help and useful info from user on this site!

I am in the final stage of deciding between the following 3 diamonds. I think they are all fairly comparable apart from the steeper pavilion angles on Stone 1 and 3. Do you think the steeper angle on these will have a visible impact on the performance of the stone? If the answer is yes, do you think the price difference reflects that under performance or should I go with stone 2 regardless?

Stone #1: I VS1 2.02ct - $16.5k 
Stone #2: I VS1 2.01ct - $17.5k 
Stone #3: I VS1 2.01ct - $17k

Apologies if I am oversimplifying. I have done quite a bit of searching online and these are 3 stones that I have been able to review in person and that fit my budget and specifications.

Thanks so much!


Stone 1.PNG

Stone 2.PNG

Stone 3.PNG

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Same observations/conclusions as the above. A couple of additional points:

1. There's other (minor-ish) things going on in addition to the pavilion angle. #1 and #3 have the same angles, but there's a diameter difference of 0.1 mm; which is not huge or even visible unless the stones are next to each other, but it is there. #1 just "reads" like a stone that has been cut to hit the 2 carat mark; the other two less so. The price also reflects that.

2. Any differences in pavilion angle will be negated by a stone not kept clean. It's no more difficult to keep a 41.0° clean than a 41.4°, but what I'm trying to say is that the difference - visible as it may be between two clean, loose stones observed with care - may well disappear in normal life when they are separated, set in a ring on a moving hand, and with a smear of soap on the pavilion because she has just washed her hands.

3. If - as you seem to imply - you have seen the stones, then your observations, feelings and preferences overcome (sorry, can't quite bring myself to say t***p) whatever "expertise-based" opinions we can come up with. There is more to a diamond than just a lab report numbers, and there is more to your eye and brain than the ability to discriminate a steeper pavilion.

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