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Need a help on ASET image of diamond.


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I have request a Idea scope and ASET image from brilliantearth.com.

And I got the images. I can understand the ideal scope image, however the ASET image looks so wired. Can someone help me point out why there are black arrows instead of blue arrows in the ASET image😵? If it is normal, can anyone help me to understand the quality of this diamond?🤔

Thank you ahead..🤩

Carat Weight:3.07
Measurements:9.45mm x 9.41mm x 5.68mm
Table: 57.0%


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There are issues with that ASET, and I suspect it’s in the computer, not the diamond.  AGS has been tweaking the angles on ASET images and there are some test algorithms out there but this one just looks like an error to me.  Ask the seller to ask whoever it is that supplied that image. 

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