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GIA Ex vs HCA - Help Ease My Mind!! (or not)

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I used the HCA calculator and it received a mediocre 3.9 (very good).  :o(  

I guess I was shocked and confused since this is a Triple Ex ring.  Am I weighing too much on the HCA score?  Is the cut/perfomance really not that great based off the diamond's parameters?  I do realize that it is on the shallow side and faces up larger than average...

3.04 H VS2

Cut / Polish / Symmetry – Excellent

Table – 61%

Depth – 59.8 %

Crown Angle – 33

Pavilion Angle – 41.4

Lower Girdle – 80

Star Facets – 55

Girdle Thickness – Thin -Slightly Thick

Fluorescence – None

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The key thing to remember is that the HCA is a subjective score, reflecting the preferences of a small group of people.

Have you seen the diamond, rather than just the report?

If so and you like it (and you like it more than your current diamond - larger size and everything else considered), all is well and the HCA can be forgotten. Garry Holloway isn't offering to buy your diamond, and you don't want to sell it to him anyway.

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Yes, you are weighing too much on the HCA.  The purpose of the HCA is many sites, like this one, offer a large number of what seem like very similar stones based on the lab documents.  People come here to shop and pick just one.  That can be tricky when there are 100 that seem identical. There’s an interesting question of whether they are a reasonable way to even accomplish that, but you have a completely different question.  You’ve GOT a diamond in hand and the question is if you love it.  HCA has nothing whatever to do with that.  FWIW, it also has very little to do with pricing and value. 

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