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Help picking a princess diamond


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Hi everyone my wife is wanting to upgrade her diamond- she's thinking 1.2-1.3ct. I had help from this forum a few years ago when we picked the initial diamond and now would like some help again please!

What do people think of these stones? Wanting the 'brightest' or 'sparkliest' stone possible. Having trouble reading the ASET and seeing if there is too much light leakage etc




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Brightest is not necessarily the same thing as sparkliest; a flat mirror is very bright, but it doesn't sparkle much: it has one single "all-white or all-black" flash. Sparkle is about contrast and "movement".

All three are nice, and any one of them would be a good (size) upgrade from the 0.75 - 0.80 stones that you were looking at in your earlier posts. The brightest of the lot is the 1.318, which is also the largest; then the 1.200. The nicest contrast - and thus sparkle - pattern (for my taste) is the 1.200, next the 1.318. That eliminates the 1.238 from the race for me (although it's probably the most symmetrical in this lot).

Now things get interesting, because the 1.318 is 50% more expensive. It is also going to be larger, and graded better colour and clarity (whether you can see either in these particular stones is moot). Depending on how much of an upgrade you want and can afford, the choice should be relatively easy.

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