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Stats review :)

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so i purchased a diamond and tried to follow the below stats. The stone will be here within the next 10 days.

Ideal stats i tried to follow
Table 54-58 (or 59) %
Depth 60-62.4%
Pavilion Angle 40.6-40.9 degrees
Crown Angle 34-35 degrees (up to 35.5 or maybe even 36 with shallow, i.e. 40.6, pavilion)

My stats
All my stats are within these ranges apart from the crown angle (33.5 see below).

Looking at my stats how do people think my diamond is likely to perform? I displayed the stats in another thread and it was mentioned i might get more white light a bit less fire?

Would people be happy with the above stats?

Thanks guys, loving learning and gaining an insight into diamonds!

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The proportions look lovely on paper; hopefully the reality will match! 

Don't worry about the crown angle. Given the crown height, it's absolutely fine. As Furqan said, it may be a case of minimal differences in theory that in practice will be totally invisible.

Davide - Specialised Consumer Information and Assistance,
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