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Avi Goyal

Looking for ruby engraved diamond ring

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13 hours ago, Avi Goyal said:


I'm looking to buy a ruby engraved diamond ring. Could you suggest some websites to look at?

I've looked at Amazon but not sure of the experience of buying from there.

Image result for ruby engraved diamond ring

[spam link removed]

Any suggestions will be very helpful.

Amazon is a marketplace, just like eBay or the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul; in all of these places, your experience (good bargain or total ripoff) depends more on the individual sellers than the marketplace itself - what is clear is that Amazon understands very little about jewellery (as does eBay), so you are largely on your own with the sellers.

The real issue is I'm not sure what you are looking for.

Initially I thought you wanted an engraved ruby, Mughal style (though they mostly did it on emeralds), set in a ring. That would be a relatively hard thing to source, but it would restrict the search so much that you would be down to a handful of sellers.

What you have posted as an image is a ruby ring with diamond accents; not sure what the "engraving" refers to, since it seems to have faceted stones and plain metalwork.

The link - if it's not spam - has such a very vague description that could refer to a ruby or it could be something else altogether ("pink coloured gemstone") - then again, for less than $150 it definitely isn't a fine quality natural ruby.

In terms of websites to look at, any recommendation really depends on what it is you want: not everybody has a 3 carat fine untreated Burma ruby, and those that do can supply any engraving on the metalwork and create whatever design you like. 

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When I click on the spam link, I get an ad that's nearly complete gibberish and that costs 10,000 somethings.  I presume not dollars.  Good luck with that.  

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