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Darker center stone


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Could someone tell me more about this ring? I’m considering different styles, but love the 3 stone. This one has a darker center stone, and I can’t decide whether I prefer that or not. Appreciate any info or opinions! Here’s the link to the ring:



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I'm not sure what your question for this board is, to be honest. The poster of the video on instagram is clearly a jewellery dealer, and their instagram home page has their contact details - they are the ones to ask about what (the stone in) that ring is, we can only guess.

The design is a very traditional one, it seems to be made to a reasonable standard (in as far as it can be seen from a 30 seconds video), and the diamonds are sparkly. As usual, one key factor in all of this is going to be price (and price vs. what one is "technically" purchasing: colour, clarity, weight and so on), and again we have no information on that.

Visually, I quite like the contrast, but that is purely personal opinion. Still on the theme of personal opinion, I would not want that as my (fiancée's) engagement ring, though I'd happily buy it as a.n. other ring - then again I'm an old stick-in-the-mud.

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On 7/25/2019 at 12:44 AM, davidelevi said:

They belong to Ariana Grande. That's about all one can say from the photos.

Seriously - take them to a jeweller and they will be able to at least tell you if they are gold or plated, and whether the stones are natural or man-made.

Separating natural from man-made diamonds is not so easy.  Most jewelers aren't prepared to do it. 

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