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Is this the perfect one?


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I'm not an expert I tried to research the topic but it is quite complex :)

Could you please guide me if this stone is worth to buy it?

I'm looking for perfect 0.5C stone D IF 3EX cut with Hearts and Arrows

Link to https://finestardiamonds.com/DiamondView.aspx?pid=658974913

Would you be able to help  me grade Lower Girdles  & Star Facets    

I would appreciate a fast reply :)

Thank you in advance!


0.57 D FL A.jpg

0.57 D FL H.jpg

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This appears to be a very nice stone.  The lower girdle and star facets at 45% and 75% is where you would want them.  There is nothing to criticize on this diamond.  We don't know the price but hopefully you have shopped that around and compared it to similar stones on the the DiamondFinder above.

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It looks perfectly fine. It's not super-perfect in terms of the H&A image (minor cleaving of the hearts), but it's more than good enough in real life.

You do realise that a "flawless" is very likely no longer "flawless" after setting, and almost certainly no longer flawless after being worn for an extended period (as any engagement ring stone is)?

Whether it's "worth it" depends on what you want, and on the price they are asking - which seems high: by comparison, here are about 100 other options, priced between ~$3,500 and ~$2,500. Remember to add any local taxes on top if you are comparing to a price that has those included already.


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Thank you for all your inputs.

I'm trying to find a stone which would have a perfect proportions and also be a H&A at the same time.

The person who is helping me was not able to find other stone which would meet my proportions and have a H&A view at the same time.

I'm maybe waiting for someone experience tell me this is a good choice and there is nothing better I can found for this money or much cheaper.

My criteria

  • H&A - I assume this is not perfect H&A but I'm not able to find other stone in somewhere around 0.5C which would be perfect
  • Below proportions
  • D & IF - I mean I was not aware of that if become flawless after you wear it but still I'm ok to pay for it
Table % 54.0% to 55.0% 
Depth % 61.0% to 62%
Crown Angle 34.5° to 35.0°
Pavilion Angle 40.6° to 40.8°
Lower Girdles 75% to 77%
Star Facets 50% to 55%
Girdle Thickness T – M – ST


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4 hours ago, Etranger69 said:

perfect proportions and also be a H&A at the same time

"perfect proportions" defined by whom? On what basis? You realise that the H&A effect is dictated by proportions (including all of the parameters you listed below), don't you? Why is H&A important to you?

Please don't get hung up on numbers - especially largely meaningless ones like "75 to 77% lower girdles" or "50 to 55% stars". She isn't going to go around wearing the report, and the difference between 74 or 78% LG or 45% to 50% star isn't going to be visible, especially in a set 0.50 ct stone.

You have found something that is very very close to your parameters, is a very nice stone, and is priced a little expensive compared to others, but the vendor seems to be able to provide a lot of information on it. If you are not convinced, stop comparing pieces of paper and ask the vendor to demonstrate why this particular stone is better than (say) another GIA XXX - not on paper but in reality, or at least in a comparative video. It shouldn't be difficult...

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Alright, I don't want to over-complicate it ...

For me as a technical person it is hard to buy something based on reviews or videos...In my country I'm not able to see any of these stones in real life and light all my knowledge is based on what I read.

This stone from my first post will it have a good H&A effect? From all the answers I understand that it is overall alright maybe overpriced but overall this is a good stone. 

So coming back to H&A which is super extremely hard to find as I was told is this stone  having a nice effect of it?

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Let me ask the question again: why is H&A important to you?

The fact that someone came up with a nice marketing idea doesn't mean it's something that matters...

36 minutes ago, Etranger69 said:

For me as a technical person it is hard to buy something based on reviews or videos.

Especially as a technical person you should understand that things should be bought on functional attributes. It makes no sense to see how fast a diamond goes 0-100 km/h, just as it makes no sense to test whether a car is harder than a piece of quartz. The key functional attribute of a gem - diamond - is appearance; the rest (proportions, colour, clarity) is proxies for that appearance.

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I was something of an insider in the path of The Esperanza Diamond. It was a 2015 find from Arkansas’s Crater Of Diamonds State Park and is the biggest Flawless diamond ever found at the park.  'Flawless' is why I bring this up.  It’s currently graded D/IF.  We had them mark it and had the cutter polish out the blemish.  Still IF.  Back to the polisher. This happened FOUR times before we finally gave up.  Was it worth it?  Well, for the group that owned it, yes it was.  It was a matter of pride. In some strange universe, that’s a defect.  Understanding that we’re talking about a blemish that required a microscope and a trained eye to see.  We were bouncing lasers off of the facets to make sure that each one was perfect. 

I point this out because the differences you’re looking at are super tiny.  Does it matter? It does if it matters to you. There are more than 50 GIA/D/FL/xxx/0.55-0.59 stones in the database here and all but one of them are cheaper than that, a few by quite a bit.  Minutia in the hearts like Davide points out are where it happens.  I rather suspect that what you’re seeing has as much to do with the photography as it does the stone but there’s no real way to tell without inspecting the actual stone.  At some point it’s necessary to just call it done. The H&A look fine. 


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Proportions on the report are good; I like tall crowns and small(er) tables; others may prefer a more "open" look.

"Ideal H&A" - no. There are some clefts and some points in the hearts. Are you going to find better without going to specialist sellers? Equally no. The first stone you posted about was better at producing H&A images through a viewer. Whether it would have looked better or worse is anybody's guess. My guess is you would have had a big problem telling them apart in reality.

I do go back to my question a few months ago

On 6/25/2019 at 10:29 PM, davidelevi said:

why is H&A important to you?

The fact that someone came up with a nice marketing idea doesn't mean it's something that matters...


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I think this is Blue Fluorescence diamond. This is such a very precious Diamond you can buy it without any tension. If you don’t have much money to spend and want to buy a diamond in the I-K color range, you might consider buying a diamond with medium or strong blue fluorescence since they are usually sold at a discounted price. Though please be aware that I do not recommend buying diamonds with fluorescence apart from diamonds in this particular color range or If you actually like you can buy it.

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