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Another happy customer of Whiteflash


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My mission completed with an ACA by Whiteflash. I am another happy¬†customer in their long listūüėć

I started my search first with 2 vendor WF and BGD and for a technical reason, i ended up choosing a diamond of WF. I talked to Liza and she was super patient and kind to my various questions and concerns. I am a first time buyer and always feel unsure of buying a diamond online and it involves oversea shipment, import duty and VAT. We exchanged emails everyday in several weeks after i shortened my comparison list.

WF has a perfect match with FedEX. I am totally impressed with FedEx priority service that they initiated. It took 3 days to to send this ring from the US to me. The package is greatly secured. When unboxing, the ring came out amazing, white sparkling. i can see obvious arrows. I couldn't imagine the G color so white. i put it side by side with other D color stone, they are just the same. Of course the other D color stone doesn't belong to some super brands around the forum. The cut decides the brightness and color at last.

I brought it directly under the strong Middle East sun, It sparked crazily....I showed a photo to my mother, she asked me if it was a blue diamond. I immediately turned alarmed and checked again and again. My stone is Fluor negligible in AGS cert. With my own eye, I didn't see any blue color but in photos, it showed some light blue color. I 've just ordered a UV led torch and examine it later. i was suggested that it could be the sky reflection. I will have confirmation after checking it with the torch.

At the moment, I am over satisfied. I can do return or trade up so it doesn't bother me much.

Thanks for all advice in the forum.64247497_449967255802147_2055607859382583296_n.jpg.ca809f761efb3fbdec15b8fe94eea4b2.jpg











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