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Opinions wanted on ASET and IdealScope blue Asscher images

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Yes, it matters.  Fancy colored diamonds are cut to maximize color as well as light return.  Normally they want to have the longest light path through the stone possible. In traditional colorless stones, they want the shortest path. 

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Neil Beaty



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If this is a natural light blue, you'll be paying a much greater premium for that than for any cut characteristics.

FWIW, and as far as these things can be judged in an Asscher cut through reflector images (not very far...), it seems well cut.

FWIW 2, talking of cut grades where there is no scale established (e.g. in Asscher cuts) is pointless.

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Davide - Specialised Consumer Information and Assistance,
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FWIW 3 As Neil points out, a fancy colored stone is going to be cut to maximize color which is in direct conflict with the way white stones are cut, which is to maximize reflectivity which negates body color.  So why purchase a really well cut fancy light colored stone when the cut essentially eliminates the body color?

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Laurent George
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