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Worst Experience Ever


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I had a nightmare dealing with b2cjewels. They offer low prices and their products and services are as low as they offer. They are based out at India and they lie to you by saying that they are available at New York. I visited the NY address and it’s a shady work place. Don’t trust them. If you want to talk to any manager, you will end up speaking to someone who barely knows English. He has no answers and all he would say is ” I will get back to you”. I had a hard time getting my money back once I canceled my order. They jump on you when it comes to collecting the payment but when you cancel the order, there is no follow up or intimation and all you do is keep waiting for your own money. Their reviews what they claim are all fake ones. Don’t trust this company for buying precious stones or jewelry.


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2 hours ago, Rodney said:

I visited the NY address and it’s a shady work place.

I can't comment on the rest of your experience, but the address on B2C's website is 50 W, 47th Street, which is about as not shady as they come in the diamond trade: it's in the middle of New York's Diamond District, and the same address as GIA. It is undoubtedly true that many of the buildings in the District are poorly maintained and many companies that don't retail at street level don't bother with redecorating very often (or at all), but "shady" it ain't.

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10 hours ago, Devanshu Swadia said:

I [XXX], hereby state that my mobile number [XXX], was been maliciously used by some anonymous individual to create three spurious and pseudo email I.D

Sorry, but something is amiss here. A phone number is not necessary to create a free email on Yahoo or AOL, nor is there any way for anyone other than a board administrator to know that those email addresses are linked to a poster's ID. Getting a user ID on Diamond Review similarly requires no checks on someone's identity. So why has this even been posted?

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