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How can i get best custom Jewelry manufacturing service in us?

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I want best custom jewelry service to make a ring like this in Us any body can guide me to the best shop ......?

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i want to insert the image

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Welcome to DiamondReview.


Every custom jeweler on the planet could make either of those, as I'm sure you know.  Neither is especially difficult. That begs the question of what you mean by 'best', no matter how good you are.  Cheapest? Fastest? Highest quality? Given that you're a jeweler, I presume the idea here is that it's you.  I"ve never heard of you, which means nothing by the way, and don't even know where your store is, but it strikes me as highly unlikely that you would match most definitions of 'best'.  That's not a criticism of your store, it's simply an impossible standard. What then is the point of this post?

I"m going to take a guess.  You're trying to promote the store.  Believe it or not, I"m a big fan of that (promotion), but allow me to suggest you work a little harder at it.  Sign up as a jeweler if you haven't already (it's free). Then read people's questions and provide useful and accurate answers.  People will read your advice, not just the original poster, notice the link at the bottom of your page back to your store, and buy things from you. You've already established your credibility.  Repeat.  You'll be amazed how well it works and you'll be amazed at how much YOU learn both by knowing what people are asking and by reading the advice given by others.  It WILL make you a better jeweler. 

By the way, read the rules. There's a link at the bottom of the page. You've already violated them by posting as a jeweler in the 'classified' section of the site.  That's specifically reserved for individual sellers. 


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