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Help with Princess Cut ASET


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Hi everyone,

Newcomer here needing some expert advice on princess cut. I am looking at around 0.8 ct and have requested ASET images for 3 of the following diamonds:




Are these diamonds well cut at all?  Otherwise, please recommend some diamonds within that carat range. Appreciate all your help!

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The ASET for all three appear nice - however there are three problems:

1. It's quite difficult to compare these images across different photographers, and here there seem to be certainly two and possibly three takers.

2. It's instead relatively easy to get the ASET to "lie" a bit by moving the stone in or out a few tenths of a mm, so don't take any of these images at face value, but demand and inspect corroborating evidence. FWIW, it seems that the three ASETs here have been well taken - they do correspond pretty well to what one sees in the videos.

3. Personal preferences play a significant role in deciding what's a good ASET (and a good stone). The simplistic reading that says "the more red, the better" is often wrong: I - for example - like contrast and strong patterning, rather than a lot of brightness, but there is nothing to say that my view holds sway.

With all this in mind, the one I like best is the 0.81, precisely because of the contrast. The 0.80 F/VS1 is the brightest of the lot straight on, but tends to exhibit a "on-off" personality that I don't like (technically, it has less scintillation), and the E/VS2 is somewhere in between, however it's also slightly smaller face up. All three are "better than average" in terms of cut.

Which one do you like, and perhaps more importantly, which of the three is the recipient going to like most?

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Thanks for the detailed explanation!  It really helps a lot.  I asked JA to put 0.80 F/VS1 on hold because the patterns seems the most symmetrical to me.  I am going to have it in a kite setting so I thought it might look nicer.  It's going to be a surprise so I'll have to make the decision.  Hopefully she'll like it.  At least now I know it's a nice stone so I might just go ahead with it.  Regarding the "on-off" personality you mentioned, did you judge that based on the 360 video?

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This situation is precisely why we like to do comparative videos with the chosen shortlisted stones.  You can look at ASET images and individual videos as much as you like but unless you can see the stones and how they actually compare to their peers, it may just frustrate you.  As these stones are all coming from one vendor, why not ask them to show your the stones side by side.  This should help you make an informed decision.

This is a short video comparing two stones of the same weight, color and clarity but vastly different cuts, just as an example of how useful a comparative video can be:



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I would like to see a side by side comparison but it's not part of JA's services. 

While deciding between the 3 diamonds I posted earlier, I found another one that looks really nice to me judging by the video.  So I requested for the ASET. It looks very symmetrical to me and more balanced between red, green, and blue/black. 

My only concern is the slightly lower crown height. Is that something to be worried about?

Video of the diamond ==> https://www.jamesallen.com/mobile/loose-diamonds/princess-cut/0.80-carat-e-color-vs1-clarity-sku-6852620

ASET attached. 



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The link you posted doesn't work (at least on laptops). Here is one that does: https://www.jamesallen.com/loose-diamonds/princess-cut/0.80-carat-e-color-vs1-clarity-sku-6852620

3 hours ago, kaitono said:

slightly lower crown height. Is that something to be worried about?

"Worried" - no, but the lower crown and the significantly larger table give a different look: more brightness and less fire, although how much more/less is difficult to say without seeing the diamonds next to each other. Personally I prefer the larger crown and smaller table of the first 3 (especially #1 and #3), but there is nothing wrong with preferring this one.

BTW - JA seem to be in the process of restructuring their website and removing direct visibility of lab reports? Not a good idea from a consumer point of view...

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