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Should I be worried about this feather/Indented natural?


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I was wondering everyones thoughts on this diamond. Should I be worried about the indented natural or the feathers?

GIA Report:  306914190

Or you can view it at:



Thanks for the help!


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Any VVS internal or external characteristic will be very difficult to see with the diamond loose, a good loupe and a trained eye. Once the diamond is set, it will be even harder.

Obviously (says he - but maybe not so obviously if you are asking the question), there are no risks to integrity/durability or impact on transparency.

It looks like a lovely stone from a cut point of view too - I like high crowns and a lot of contrast!

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One of the difficulties of reading these lab reports is that the primary purposes for the report is to provide information for recognizing this particular stone later and to provide clues to what they saw that resulted in a particular grade.  VVS1 plots, for example, ALWAYS have something on them, no matter how minute. It’s the reason for VV1 instead of IF or F.  It's things that are always minute, and that wouldn’t appear on the report for any other grade. This tends to weird people out because they read on the Internet that inclusions are bad. Not to worry. A GIA-VVS2 will not have inclusions that cause a problem with either beauty or durability of the stone. You won’t be able to see them without serious magnification, and probably not even then unless you know exactly what to look for.

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I concur with everything mentioned by both Neil and Davide above.  A GIA graded VVS will never have imperfections that negatively affect the look or durability of a diamond.  Having said that,  I was unable to pull up the actual report on either BN or the GIA site, referring to the report number you posted above, I reserve my final opinion until I lay my eyes on it.


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It pulls up on BN's site for me without any problem. However the report number posted is missing a digit (an inital "2").

Here is the direct link to the GIA site: https://www.gia.edu/report-check?reportno=2306914190 (for some reason the online report is missing the diagrams, but they are in the PDF copy. Go figure!)

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